Huw Raine is a Central St Martin College of Art and Design graduate studying Industrial and Studio Ceramics.  He is also a qualified and experienced design tutor. For the past 8 years he has been running potteries and manufacturing ceramics in  South Wales and recently set up his own ceramic production and consultancy company in Cardiff.

Throughout his career, Huw has had a strong interest in contemporary ceramic design and the production of functional, unusual and aesthetically pleasing ceramics. He has a vast contextual back round in ceramics having exhibited and set up shows in London, worked with the V&A and worked within the Contemporary Ceramics department in Bonhams Auctioneers. He has been particularly influenced by post war Scandinavian design, Japanese porcelain and marine environment and its fauna.

His designs have a fun tactile feeling making the user to want to handle the products after the functional use has been completed. He mainly uses high fired porcelain with a combination of slip casting and hand building and other materials to create his unique wares.
Rockpool’ Range
This range has been influenced by the Welsh shore line mimicking the organic shapes and colours of the fauna and reproducing the textures of the Glamorgan geology. The vessels are double cast in stained and white porcelain with hand built plates and columns modelled and applied to the surface to create the textures for the finger patches. These are then clear glazed and enamelled with metallic and 22 carat gold lustres. The stands are hand built in sculptural clay, high fired and glazed. They have a multifunctional purpose depending on the imagination of the consumer. 
Tiffin Boxes
High fired and double cast porcelain combined with straps that hold the lid in place securely for when you are transporting your lunch. The bowls lids act as a plate and the small pickle box has a lid which can be used for sauces or a stand for your cutlery.
Funky Coffee Cans
Brightly glazed stoneware cups for everyday use in the home. Great smaller size for the lovers of coffee.





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