Raine ceramics are producers of high quality batch produced ceramics. We can cast and manufacture using a wide variety of slips from Terracotta to Porcelain which we make ourselves and can supply to customers upon request.

We are specialist model and mould makers only using the best quality plasters to make long lasting moulds and high quality accurate models.

Huw is an experienced Ceramic Designer and is happy to help you design your ceramic items from you ideas. He is happy to work from  your sketches or Computer Aided Design drawings  and can advise on how it can be best produced or manufactured. For the best possible results.



Commission Raine Ceramics to make your ceramic prototypes. These can be used for marketing or shows or just to see how it will look before you go ahead and manufacture.



Commission Raine Ceramics to make a model to your requirements and supply you with the moulds for your own casting purposes.


Batch Manufacture

Commission Raine Ceramics to make small runs or batches of  ceramics for you to sell through your company or for your own use.


Morus LXIV

The most expensive gin in the world. Bottles and cup made by Raine Ceramics









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